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Who Is RWS

Redlam Waste Services is a wholly Australian owned private company that specialises in the collection and treatment of clinical and related waste. These services are provided to both the public and private sector.

We have significant experience in delivering services to some of Australias largest hospitals to small generators such as dental practices and veternarians.

With RWS you can be guaranteed that your clinical waste is being treated in accordance with governement regulation as we have care and control of your waste from the time of collection to final disposal. Our licenced collection vehicles transport the collected waste to the newly constructed RWS treatment facility.

Our friendly staff can assist you with bin sizes and scheduling to taylor a service that meets your needs.

What Is Clinical & Related Waste

Clinical and Related Waste is waste that has the potential to cause sharps injury, infection or offence and includes sharps, human tissue waste, laboratory waste, pharmaceutical waste or any item contaminated with blood or other body fluid.

Our computer controlled high temperature autoclave sterilizes and renders harmless clinical waste.


ABN 42 102 934 743 - Ph: 02 4272 4866 - Fax: 02 4272 4966 - - PO Box 2056 East Woonona NSW 2517